Two days ago I stumbled upon Blackbox, a new game for your iPhone. It's unlike anything else I've played. With an equal mix of genius and exasperation it will appeal to those who love puzzles.

The game has a grid of dots. These dots then turn into lights (via different and often undisclosed methods). Those lights then need to be turned on. You interact with your phone in different ways to turn on those lights. You progress through the game by turning the lights on. As of this writing, I've managed to turn 46 lights on and can't turn anymore on. I know how to turn the next five on, but am currently unable to, I can see two more dots that need turned into lights but with all my mental strength I don't know how. All spare brain cycles are currently devoted to solving things like this. That's the magic of this game.

I'm having difficulty writing about, it in part because it's so unique, but also because anything I say about it will detract from the initial magic of playing with it. I'll say this, the first experience of the app is wonderful, and if you've got a slightly obsessive or competitive edge you'll play it non-stop but then you'll discover something frustrating that you'll come to appreciate: this isn't a game where you dictate how much you play. Rather, some of the levels dictate to you when you can play it. It's kind of torturous yet brilliant at the same time.

Couple that with simple, beautiful graphics and a highly engaged developer on Twitter and you'll find a wonderful game to lose yourself in. It's the most original game play since Threes and Monument Valley (both of which I love). Download it, play with it, infect your friends and look forward to exchanging messages back and forth with joy, delight, awe and frustration. Bravo Blackbox, bravo.