For over a year now, the app that we listen to podcasts with has been Overcast. Yet our logs reveal that less than 2% of those listening to Keeping Up With The Joneses use it. This is close to a tragedy. While you're reading this, download Overcast and then come back and I'll tell you why it's amazing.

There's a couple of neat features about Overcast. The first is Smart Speed which automatically shortens the gaps in spoken word. It manages to do this without making the conversation sound awkward. This feature is different than the common speed boost features found in other podcast apps. They speed up all the audio so you end up with someone sounding like a chipmunk on speed. Overcast only speeds up the conversation by dynamically reducing the quiet gaps in the podcast.

Next up is Voice Boost which uses some clever audio processing to ensure that vocals stay at a consistent level within episodes and between episodes. This means that you don't have that awkward moment when you crank the volume on one podcast and then have to lower it on the next.

There's more: streaming episodes without having to wait for them to download first, the ability to share episodes with other people (including sharing from a specific time in the episode) and the way show notes integrate so well with the user interface. It also supports chapters in episodes (something we're toying with including). Last of all, it's free to download and is maintained by someone who is also a prolific podcaster. Try it out, we think you'll like it.