Forgive us for the self congratulatory nature of this post, but as we've been reflecting on our first year of podcasting we saw this review about Keeping Up With The Joneses on iTunes and it made us smile:

Oh how I love this podcast! It’s a glorious love mix of fish tacos, Apple products, transatlantic accents, glory, wisdom, life hacks, heart hacks, humor with a large dollop of (un)common sense and more than a bit of sauce!... proof, if it were ever needed, that ALL of life is sacred.
— The Denner

Aside from the kind words, I love this review because it does a great job of summing up what we wanted the podcast to be, but never knew how to articulate when we started. People would often ask us what the podcast was about and we would say, "Uh..." - unsure how to describe it. Now we'll just quote The Denner.