I spoke at emanate on creativity. If you were there and want copies of the notes including the godly beliefs you declared, download them below. If you missed it and want to get rid of things that keep you from being creative, watch the message below.

UGB 1 - I'm not creative

GB: I am creative because I was born creative. I have been created in the image of a creator. As a child of God, filled with the Spirit of God, I am just like my daddy, creator God.


UGB 2 - I'm not original

GB: The work I do is inspired by God. As I partner with the favor of God on my life I will produce increasingly inspiring, incredible and creative work. Lord I ask you to establish the work of my hands for me.


UGB 3 - This won't take me anywhere

GB: As I give myself to the diligent practice of my creative work, I encounter the joy of God. I choose not to despise small beginnings for I know that as I practice I will grow in skill. As I grow in skill, I will grow in influence. As I grow in influence I step into my destiny.

Download the notes

Here's a PDF of my notes from this message.

Helpful Links

I showed some parts of the (excellent) Everything is a Remix videos (which itself has recently been remixed) and also recommended you check out seanwes.com for inspiration. Additionally I suggested you listen to the interview we did with Chris McClarney earlier this year. 

Bonus Video

The very wonderful Jessie Early (who is very much a creative genius) tweeted a link to this fantastic video which pretty much sums up my third point, but in a much better way. Essential viewing for everyone.