For most of our lives, we never heard anyone teach on sex or sexuality in church. Yet we found that in our own lives and in the lives of people we pastor, this topic seems to cause more confusion and complications than any other. We set out to create a teaching that presents clearly what God has to say on this topic. In this five part teaching set we cover nearly every aspects of sexuality. From the biblical basis for sex, to issues of same sex attraction, dating, masturbation, pornography and sexual sin. Whether you are married or single, walking in sexual purity or struggling to overcome addiction we believe this teaching set will help you grow in godly sexuality.

In this 5 part teaching we cover topics such as:

  • Biblical basis for sexual purity
  • Ungodly beliefs about sex
  • Misunderstandings about grace
  • Dating done right vs. dating done wrong
  • What the bible really says about homosexuality
  • Four common ungodly beliefs about homosexuality
  • Ministry for sexual sins including release from demonic oppression
  • How to walk out a lifestyle of sexual purity

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This teaching is the foundation for teaching on sex and sexuality. First we look at what the Bible says (sex is not bad!) then we look at how things got twisted. I then teach about ungodly beliefs that really mess people up when it comes to sex. Finally we talk about grace; what it is and what it isn’t. Listen to a sample below.
Boy did we have fun teaching this! On this teaching we share what we think are the most important things we’ve seen when it comes to dating. Having pastored many, many people through the dating, engagement and marriage we’re going to save you some headaches when it comes to this whole process. Men, women, let’s stop this dysfunction: learn the difference between dating done right and dating done wrong. Listen to a sample below.
There is so much confusion in the church regarding homosexuality. From denial to demonization to confusion and condemnation many people just don’t know what to think or what to believe. In this teaching, we’ve tried hard to ignore public opinion and cultural prejudices and have gone straight to what the Bible teaches from both old and new testament perspectives. Does God hate homosexuals? Is it okay to be gay and a Christian? Can you be born gay? We uncover four of the most common ungodly beliefs regarding homosexuality and provide a full ministry time at the end.
In this teaching, we offer ministry for those trapped in all kinds of sexual sin. We cover the full gamut of ministry from generational sin to demonic oppression. This is a pretty thorough ministry session and isn’t something you want to listen to, rather you’ll want to pray along with, so perhaps don’t listen to this one at Starbucks.
Having identified areas of sexual sin and compromise and having received ministry for those areas, it’s important we have a game plan to walk out life in victory. This session is all about the practical aspects of living in a sex saturated world and coming out clean and not defiled. We teach on the three main areas you will be attacked on and offer four steps to walking it out. We’ve also got two killer testimonies on here from people who were trapped in shame and sexual sin.