I (Alyn) always wanted to be able to prophesy, but for much of my life it seemed mysterious and far off so I attended every prophetic conference I could, read every book on the prophetic ministry and worked hard to learn how to prophesy. Since then AJ & I have trained hundreds of people how to prophesy. After more than 10 years of study, practice and asking questions of every prophet we know, we prepared this really practical teaching on prophetic ministry. We will teach you how to prophesy, offer practical steps that you can implement and will encourage you to step out. We take complex spiritual principles and break them down into easy to understand practical steps to help you grow in hearing God's voice. 

This five part teaching series is the most practical and hands-on teaching we know how to prepare.

Topics in this series include:

  • The biblical basis for prophetic ministry
  • The what, who and how of prophetic ministry
  • How to see in the spirit realm
  • How to grow your gift
  • How to receive a prophetic word
  • How to give a prophetic word
  • What to do if you make a mistake
  • The do's and don'ts of prophetic ministry

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This teaching is all about defining what the prophetic is and isn’t. We learn who can prophesy, how to prophesy and the boundaries for prophetic ministry.
In this session, we spend time breaking down how to hear God’s voice. We answer the question, “How do I know it’s God that I’m hearing?” and we play some prophetic games that you get to join in with at home.
In this teaching we give the single most important thing to remember while prophesying and answer questions during Q&A time.
In this session we teach you how to see in the spirit. We also pray a prayer of impartation over you and teach you how to prophesy anytime, anywhere, any place.
This session is all about how to grow your gift and develop maturity in ministering. We end with a question and answer session.