This teaching helps restore one of the missing gifts of God to us; that of honor. Isaiah prophesied that Jesus would exchange shame for honor as part of salvation. In this teaching, we explore what honor is, how it operates in God's life and how it has the power to change our lives and our relationships. 

The most incredible revelation in all of eternity is that God makes himself available to all of humanity as a father through Jesus Christ. All of salvation is rooted in honor. His heart to save you and give you an inheritance is honor in action. Find out how you can receive honor and be a person of honor, carrying with you a culture of honor wherever you go.

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In this first teaching, we lay the foundations of honor from the book of Genesis and show how God’s heart has always been one of honor. Then we look at how honor was stolen from us, the prophetic promise of honor being restored to us and the fulfillment of that promise in Jesus. Finally a prophetic parable from the life of David wraps up this teaching.
All of us are born into shame. Unfortunately shame has become so normal to us, that often we don’t recognize it as shame! In this teaching, we expose the shame, fear, control cycle and it’s terrible effects on our lives and we show how Jesus came to remove shame and clothe us in honor. This teaching includes a powerful ministry time for freedom from shame, fear and control.
Demonstrating honor is very practical. In this teaching, we talk about what honor looks like and give three easy steps to communicating honor to those around you. There’s also a live demonstration of honor in practice.
On this teaching we talk about the practicalities of creating your own culture of honor. We give examples from a culture of honor at Grace Center, how we live in honor toward one another and talk about the importance of learning to receive honor from others.
Scripture is filled with instructions on who to honor; from parents, to leaders, to rulers to one another. In this teaching we talk about what that actually looks like and field questions from the audience.