Do you have a problem saying no to people?

If you are not free to say "No", then you are not really free to say "Yes". If you have difficulties in relationships, feel stressed much of the time or are reaching burn out because you are feeling overwhelmed, you will be greatly helped by the teaching in this three part series. I (Alyn) will teach you how to develop healthy boundaries, exercise self control and teach you how to say, "Yes" and mean it.

Topics include:

  • Identify your responsibilities in relationships
  • The power of NO
  • How to develop good boundaries
  • What healthy boundaries look like
  • Boundaries and parents
  • Boundaries in marriage
  • Making powerful decisions
  • Jesus and His boundaries

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In this first teaching, we introduce the concept of your circle of influence, what to manage and how to do so. We talk relationships and most importantly we introduce you to the most powerful word that you’re going to get very good at saying, “No”.
— Alyn
In part two, we help you identify if you have boundary problems and how to go about resolving them. We talk about what healthy boundaries look like and how to walk out life with good boundaries.
— Alyn
In the last session, we talk about how boundaries work with parents, how boundaries work in marriage and how Jesus walked with boundaries. Then we talk about cultivating powerful relationships and how to be people who are intentional in relationships.
— Alyn