Such a fantastic podcast! A genuine look into the lives of two people living life to the fullest with God and sharing their journey with all along the way. Alyn and AJ share about their lives and personal growth along with the wisdom and revelation they have received throughout life. It is a joy to listen to and thought provoking every time.
— Laurajean Burnside
I started listening to this podcast a few weeks ago and fell in love with it right away! Alyn and AJ are an amazing couple who inspire their listeners with their life, their love and their wisdom. SO Holy Spirit inspired. I now have my husband listening too! God is definitely using this podcast to encourage and inspire my walk with Jesus.
— Kennanuu
I find myself listening to three plus of these a day, and re-listening! I so appreciate, not only their God-filled truth, Holy Spirit inspired wisdom, but their vulnerability and authenticity as well! This podcast is truly a blessing!
— AHopeH
Absolutely love this podcast. Full of wisdom, laughs, encouragement and a delight for Monday commute.
— Joyful252
Alyn & AJ have so much wisdom. I listen to their podcasts whenever I get a spare minute in the day. Pure gold.
— The Cheetahs
I love to listen to Alyn and AJ talk every week about everyday life, God’s love, and some wisdom to life by. They do an awesome job of keeping you interested and providing awesome wisdom to be poured into your life!
— Safari87
This podcast is sort of like sitting alone at a restaurant and eavesdropping on the great conversation at the table next to you. It’s witty and light-hearted, which is fun, but they talk about subjects in depth enough to satisfy your hunger. It’s also very encouraging. They’ve partnered with God to do many cool things, and after listening you come away thinking, “I could do that too.”
— ScottinMt.Juliet
Such a good experience every week! So much wisdom and Holy Spirit-led listening. I’ve listened to Grace Center for sometime now but The Joneses bring it to such a personal level every week. Real people sharing their revelations and experiences with Jesus, each other and life! Thank you guys!
— Brettwags