When it comes to listening to podcasts, going mobile means you can listen to any podcast, anywhere, anytime. 


Step 1

Install / open Podcast app

Your iOS device comes ready to play podcasts out of the box if you are running iOS 8 or later. 

If you are running an earlier OS, you can download the app for free by clicking the button below.



Step 2


Click the button below which will take you to the "Keeping up with the Joneses" page in iTunes. Once there, click on the Subscribe button (highlighted in red in the picture).



Step 3

Start listening!

Select any episode to start listening. New episodes will arrive each Monday.



Other iOS Apps

There's a wealth of awesome iOS podcast apps out there. Our current favorite is Overcast. Not only is it super simple to use with a very clean interface, there's some nifty little sound processing effects. All of the apps above are awesome.


The go to podcast app for Android devices is Stitcher Radio. While it's available on Android devices, it's also a popular iOS device too. To install Stitcher on your Android device click the button below.


Once you've installed Stitcher, click the button below to subscribe to our podcast.

Image courtesy  stitcher.com

Image courtesy stitcher.com