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To sunscreen or not to suncreen?

So I know as a parent (and now a parent who lives in the South) that sun protection is important. Until I moved to Nashville and met Dr Josh Axe I didn’t think there was anything wrong with using sunscreen. I thought sunscreen was my friend and absolutely necessary, I’ve since learned of it’s dangers.

Here’s your first thought about using sunscreen... your skin, as I said in a previous blog entry, it your largest organ. What you put on your skin matters as it is being absorbed into your system, or in the case of sunscreen it’s being baked into your skin.  Most conventional sunscreens have contents that are not safe for your skin.  Now add that we slather it on and then bake it into our skin and you have a real problem.  Is it possible that the reason skin cancer is still on the rise even though everyone you know wears sunscreen to protect themselves is that sunscreen is part of the problem?

So what are we supposed to do AJ? Let’s our sweet little kiddies burn? No! This year the girls have been out in the sun almost daily.  I am careful how long they are out for and at what time of day. I have allowed them to build a little base tan and they are both able to be out for just over an hour a day without any burning or pinkness.  I have only put sunscreen on them once this summer when we were spending the day in and out of the water on a ski boat. For that day I used non-toxic sunscreen so I know I am not baking anything harmful onto them but also that they are not going to burn.  I have found two great non-toxic sunscreens that I really love and that work really well.

The first one is in the picture above and is my favorite and it is sold by Shaklee.( ) I put it on the kids once and it lasts all day.  When we went to Disney two summers ago we spent an entire week in over 100 degree F and sweating like you would not believe! (Mental note to self: never do Disney again in the summer) Even with all that sweat and with getting wet anytime we could to cool off I never had to re-apply the Shaklee non-toxic sunscreen and it is not greasy at all! I am not big on greasy anything really but I have always, even from when I was really little, disliked greasy sunscreen!

The second brand we just recently tried on the boat is called Alba Botanica. ( It also worked really well, was water resistant even though we were in and out of the water and again is not greasy.  they also have non-toxic spray sunscreens if you like sprays better.


Also when you use sunscreen you are not getting the Vitamin D that you think you are. Sunscreens block your bodies ability to absorb vit D which we all need for our physical health. I have spent the last few years making drastic changes to diet and taking crazy vitamins to reverse the the Adrenal fatigue that I was suffering with. One of the big culprits for me was vitamin D. Honestly I don’t know what came first the adrenal fatigue or the vitamin D deficiency but I was dangerously low and as we started to fix the vit D issue and B12 issue I started to feel like myself again for the first time in years! Dr Josh says the best thing to do is try and get 20-30 minutes of sun each day (with no sunscreen) and then not wash your skin with soap for the next 48 hours. I don’t fully understand it but vit D is somehow processed in your skin and fat just below so you don’t want to wash it out. I’m sure Dr Josh would explain is better or even if you went to Dr Mercola’s website he is likely to have great stuff too!

The last thing I want to say about all of this is do your research! There are two links on the left side navigation bar of this website. They go to two websites I often read both for health information and for great recipes! Both of these sites have great information on stuff that effects your kids (and that the medical world isn’t telling us about) like toxins in sunscreens, vaccinations and nutrition.