Apple sauce:    (Suitable for freezing)

8 organic apples (Peeled, cored and cut into "dice sized" chunks) 

3/4 cup filtered or spring water

1-2 teaspoons cinnamon  

Put prepped apples into a heavy bottomed pot.

Add water and set to boil covered for 7-10 minutes until soft.

Using a slotted spoon transfer apples into food processor or vitamix with cinnamon and add some of the cooking water in small increments while blending to achieve desired texture. 

For the purple version in the photo just add about 15 organic blueberries when you get to the blending stage! They add sweetness and switch up the breakfast experience for the little one! You can also add powdered rice cereal to give their breakfast more weight if you like! 

Please note:

ALWAYS buy organic berries. Berries are heavily pesticided and your baby does not need those toxins. I would also recommend sticking to gluten free cereals. Gluten is not really good for anyone but is a common childhood allergen.  

Simple 3 Veg Puree:    (Suitable for freezing)

Peel and dice 3 large potatoes

Peal and chop 6 medium carots

Chop one onion. 

Place 2 tablespoons of UNSALTED ORGANIC butter in a pan.

Add onion and sauté til soft (about 3 minutes) and then add carrots and enough filtered or spring water to almost cover the carrots.

Let boil for 5 minutes and then add potato and add more water to cover if necessary. Simmer for another 12-15 minutes.

With a slotted spoon transfer all veggies to a food processor or vitamix.  Keep water in pot for adding during blending to achieve desired texture. 

Please note:

Again because of the amount of toxins in conventional dairy products please be sure to use UNSALTED ORGANIC butter.  Babies under a year of age should not have any salt in their diet either as their little organs are not quite ready for that!