Well this first item that I want to let you know about will only work if you have an iPhone.  This app is called “iBaby feed timer” and you, needless to say, buy it from the app store.  The usefulness of having an app that helps you track and remember feed times, length of feed, which side to start on first, bottle feeds, time intervals between feeds and so on. With both Abi and Tia I kept a log manually and because of tiredness was often guessing or approximating to the best of my knowledge.  With this app you can set your regular feed times so that it sends you a little reminder that you are going to need to be ready to feed soon or wake you child if he/she is still asleep etc.  The app only costs $1.99 and is well worth your sanity.

Here is another one of my travel and everyday outing type things.  It’s called the “metoo” and it’s made by Phil and Teds. I love Phil and Ted’s stuff and if you order of of their site they ship anywhere in the USA. They do tend to be more expensive with some items but I also think the build quality of everything I have gotten from them is superior and tend to be better designed than other companies. The “Metoo” folds absolutely flat for packing in a suitcase or diaper bag for a day trip to a friends house or restaurant. The weight limit on it is 38 pounds and by that time your child is practically able to drive a car (not really) and is unlikely to still need a hanging seat.  It attaches to most tables or solid surface counters and doesn’t damage the finish but cannot be attached to a light weight or pedestal table as as soon as you place your child in the seat the table with come over on top of them! :-) 



How about Diaper bags? This one is going to come down to preference.  Here’s some things you want to think about. 1) You will need space! Especially for the first 6 months you need space for up to 10 diapers a day when they are new born for a full day out to 6 or 7 (larger sized diapers) for later months.  You will also want to bring 1 to 3 changes of clothes with you for a full day out depending on the poo-ing skills of your child! :-) 2) Pretty is good but sometimes not practical.  It is very likely that things will get spilled in your bag, shoved in your bag, and possibly remain in your bag for longer than expected due to the business of having a newborn. My advice would be to find a bag that is plastic lined so you can dump out liquid spills and it’s easy to wipe out. Also I don’t mind a diaper bag that doesn’t look like a purse and is very obviously a Diaper bag because Alyn doesn’t want to carry something for me that may look to purse like but is fine to carry something that is very obviously not a purse but a diaper bag and screams I am a DAD! Having said all that there are still so many to choose from and I just happen to like Kalencom bags.  I like the quality of the build and how easy they are to clean. They also come with matching changing pads and wipes carriers so it’s all the same theme. (If you care about that.)

This lovely thing is called a Moses basket.  It is really only useful for the first 4-6 months but boy is it useful.  Essentially it replaces the need for a pack-and-play which the baby still fits in it which will depend on the size of the child. The advantage of it is that all of the linens are easily washed in the washing machine and there is no set up required so if your baby needs to go to sleep the second you arrive at a location you have a bed ready to go without hassle or set up.  You can use it beside your bed for the first couple weeks or months if you prefer to have the baby sleeping closer rather than in his/her crib as well. My only thought for you on Moses baskets is you don’t want a used one unless you know where is came from.  Because they are all made from natural materials if a previous baby had some sort of sickness that is capable of laying dormant then there is potential for the new baby to acquire the sickness. They sell the one  like the best at USA baby but you can get them on amazon and many other places as well.

What about toys? Well there is a reason they are brightly colored and have lots of black and white parts.  Really you are just looking at build quality and choking hazards.  One of my favorite toys is the Whoozit.  It is a soft toy with lots of things to look at and later play with.