I don’t know how you like to greet life but I like to have a plan.  Life is busy and being as prepared as possible is the goal.  So there are some things you can do to get ready that will make baby’s arrival a little less bumpy! Here are some thoughts:

You want to have lots of diapers and wipes! Newborns go through 10 diapers a day on average. I have been told that Huggies work best for girls and pampers for boys but I haven’t noticed a huge difference although they do fit differently.  Huggies tend to last a little longer in each size because they seems a little wider around the waste. I like Huggies and I never had any trouble with leaks. They also have a new “pure and natural” line that is made with organic cotton and hypoallergenic. Seventh generation also makes a diaper that has no chlorine, petroleum based lotions or latex in it.  I don’t know if they work as well as I only bought them once but they seemed fine.  I would say you want to buy them on amazon as they are more expensive. As far as wipes I think Huggies wipes work the best.

I call them onesies but most people call then bodysuits.  If your baby is due in the fall or winter you will likely use them everyday and go through quite a few a day as babies often have diaper blow outs or drool issues that make changing them often in the day a necessity. On average in any size (especially in colder months) you want to have 10 for under 6 months and then more like 5 from there per size.


How about baby blankets? How many do you need? Well it depends on what you use them for! I usually have a couple in my diaper bag as I use them for burp clothes, laying down t change the baby on anything other then the changing table, occasionally covering them up in a car seat with them and swaddling them. There are cotton ones that are fairly cheap and come in three packs and that’s what I typically use for the burp, change, spit up scenarios but for wrapping, swaddling or a little extra warmth I like the muslin ones as they are more breathable and typically bigger which makes it easier to get a tight wrap. So how many do you need? I would say about 10.  You will lielly mass up 3 to 4 a day so as long as you are doing laundry at least every other day you should be fine.  If you don’t plan to do laundry that often then double the amount of onesies and blankets:-)

So let’s talk laundry! Your skin and your babies skin is the largest organ on your body. Our skin absorbs not only the things we put on it like creams and lotions but also the toxins in our detergents and fabric softners that are in our clothes after each wash. Many of the baby friendly products out there have just as many toxins in them as the regular ones. And while I certainly don’t want you to live in fear of toxins as a mom one of the best things you can do is to cut down the amount of toxins that are in your environment.

Currently the largest contributors to toxins in your home are

  1. Your dishwasher (both the stream full of toxic chemicals that it pumps into the air, and the residue of cleansers left on our dishes that we then ingest)
  2. Your laundry detergents and
  3. Our household cleaners. 

When I first started using non toxic cleaners in my home and laundry I tried all different kinds and wasn’t happy with many of them.  I then found the brand that I use now for all of it and that is Shaklee.  Shaklee is a multi-level marketing company that I do not work for, or get any financial gain from on purpose so I can freely recommend their products without ulterior motives. Shaklee is a company that not only is concerned about clean packaging and the environment but with almost all of their household cleansers if one of my girls were for some reason drink it, I wouldn’t need to be worried as they are non-toxic but they really work! The Laundry detergent and fabric softener or dryer sheets are also great! Here is a link to their sight and the products that I recommend.  They have a package where you can basically turn your house non-toxic over-night and then just refill products as needed. We bought this package 3 years ago and still have not had to buy more of the basic G as it lasts that long!


Look at the get clean products and laundry products under “Healthy Home”.