Well I don’t know about you but as soon as the bump starts to show I tend to get a little un-comfortable while I’m trying to sleep. If you are a front sleeper, you won’t be for long while pregnant, and back sleeping isn’t recommended either.  The reason they say you shouldn’t sleep on your back, especially as you get into the second and third trimester is basically that the pressure of the weight of your womb then rest on your spine and intestines and other organs which lessons circulation (effecting the placenta and baby) and can also contribute to getting nasty things you don’t want known as hemorrhoids.

So you guessed it! Side sleeping is in your future if you haven’t started already! It is recommended that you try to sleep on your left side as much as possible.  Obviously it’s unlikely you will stay in one position all night and so transferring from side to side is fine but try and spend more time on your left side if possible! So why the left? It gives you increased circulation to the placenta and baby and therefore nutrients as well, its the best position to enable your kidneys to flush waste and therefore decrease swelling and well it’s just plain sexy to be a side sleeper! So with all of that in mind I have two of my favorite pregnancy items to introduce you to. 

This is the snoogle! Its the worlds best body pillow.  It’s curves to become your pillow and he top and the pillow that fits between your legs at the bottom. This helps you maintain a supported sleeping position on your side and help you get comfortable and stay comfortable throughout pregnancy. Alyn and I usually have to enter into negotiations as to how many weeks after giving birth the pillow then has to be put away because it’s so stinking comfortable I always want to keep it! I’m aiming for 10 years after this one!

You can buy a snoogle on-line, or at Target, babies r us and Motherhood maternity.  They average in price between 65-68 dollars.

This other little pillow is a “my brest friend pregnancy wedge” and as you hit 20 weeks you may want to (depending on the size of the bump) get this handy fellow! Certainly as you get bigger it’s just a nice support for laying on your side and taking the pressure of your back.

You can buy this on-line as well or at USA baby.