When I was pregnant with our first child, Abigail, I had so many questions.  Like most first-time moms, I was filled with thoughts about what kind of mom I would be, worries about different pains as I felt as the baby grew, a desire to nest but no idea which of the seemingly millions of "baby items" were really needed.  My world was all questions, feelings, and at the time a crazy travel schedule! Alyn and I used to travel full-time on behalf of the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship (TACF) for many years.  When we found out we were pregnant we reviewed our commitments to conferences all over the world and discovered that our invitations stopped six and a half weeks before Abi was due to arrive and started again five months later.  We had a window - a five month window - to figure out how to be parents of a newborn and get lots of face time with this wonderful new present who was headed our way.

Pregnancy is an incredible journey that is both overwhelming and incredibly joyous.  For me, with all three children I had fairly intense morning sickness (which, had it kept to just mornings, would have been nice) for the first 14-17 weeks.  With Abigail it was the most intense and, because of our crazy travel schedule, I experienced throwing up in nine different nations in only eight weeks. If we added the nations we flew over while being sick in a plane that number would likely triple.  Having said that, I survived. Some moments I felt like I wouldn't but I did! I lost just over 20 pounds in the first 14 weeks and then things began to settle.

In my opinion the first trimester is by far the hardest. Most of us are waiting to tell people we are pregnant, we are exhausted with building our little treasure that we could fall asleep standing up, and many of us feel nauseous most of the day even if we are not throwing up. Those first months are the hardest and not a great reflection on how awesome it's going to be just a few weeks down the road! So hang in there and trust me: "this too shall pass" and the second trimester is much better for most women! Oh, and hey, if you are a non-vomitting kind of mom I rejoice for you but please don't tell us soon-to-be-moms how awesome you felt in the first trimester until we at least get to the second one ourselves. Thanks!