This week we talked about Life Languages on our podcast. Taking a Life Language profile will give you in-depth insight into your communication styles. This, coupled with the additional information in the document, will help you understand yourself and others and increase your communication skills.

All of our staff at Grace Center take a Life Language profile and it's been one of the most helpful things we've done to boost productivity and reduce communication conflict. If you haven't taken a profile before (or it's been a while since you last did) we've partnered with our friend Allison Hendrickson who is a certified Life Language trainer. If you head over to her site and use the KLLP code jones (all lower case) you can save $5 on a profile. And bonus: if you take your profile before the end of this week, we've invited Allison to share on next week's podcast about Life Languages and answer your questions.

So here's what to do:

  1. Go get your profile (use the code jones in the KLLP code box to save $5)
  2. Listen to this week's podcast on Life Languages to give yourself an introduction to the concepts
  3. Ask Allison a question about Life Languages
  4. Listen to next week's podcast to hear her answers

Have a great week!