So we have this amazing book (seriously, check out these reviews on Amazon) which is a 12 week study guide into a revelation of the Father's love. We get so much feedback when we meet people about how the book has helped changed the way they experience God. We want everyone to have a copy. The problem? It's a BIG book and that makes it heavy which means it's pretty expensive to ship outside of the USA.

Our solution has been to make it available on your kindle, on your iPhone or a beautiful (and it's gorgeous!) iPad enhanced edition. That way, wherever you are in the world, hopefully your Kindle or iOS device can download it and you work your way through it without having to pay for shipping.

But we get it, some people (and we don't blame you) want the paper edition. You want to write in it, highlight stuff, feel the pages and that's where we run into problems, because if you live - say in the UK - and you order the book, you'll pay more for shipping than for the book itself! Insanity!

So in recent weeks we've had a number of people in the UK reach out and ask us if we can solve the problem. We're asking our co-publisher to work on getting it into retail channels in the UK. But in the meantime we had a crazy idea. The shipping actually gets cheaper if we ship in boxes that hold 8 copies of the book; this shipping costs drop to around $10 per book (as opposed to around $30 per book!). We already have someone in the UK that we'd ship the big order to and then they'd ship your book(s) via Royal Mail to you!

Confused? Let us explain:

  1. You order a book from our website (at a special rate - more on that later)
  2. Once we have enough orders to fill a box of 8 books we'll ship that box to our friend Quinn in the UK. He's a graduate of our School of Supernatural Life and a long time friend. We've trusted him with our house, our car and our kids so we trust him with your address (which he'd need, and you'd have to be okay with him having.)
  3. Once he receives the big box of eight, he'll ship the individual orders from his home in the UK to your home in the UK

So yes, it's a bit of a jump-through-some-hoops solution, but we really do want you to get ahold of the book and we've had enough interest via email, twitter and Facebook that we thought we should at least try something.

So let's do it this way: if you would like to order a copy of Finding Father and you live in the UK (sorry my European friends, we're just beta testing now so just UK for the time being), fill in the form below. If we get enough people at once who want a copy for this craziness to work, we'll email you and you can place an order and we'll get a copy to you!

So what's the cost? We don't EXACTLY know, but here's what we are willing to do:

  1. We'll drop the price of the book from $24.99 to $19.99 for this experiment (that's around £13 at today's exchange rate but remember we'll charge you in USD so your price may be different)
  2. The shipping from USA to UK in our fancy box of 8 scheme will be $10 per book (again around £6.50 at today's exchange but see above)
  3. We're asking Quinn to find out how much it will be to ship from his house to your house in the UK and we'll roll that into the price you pay us. We've no idea how much that will be, because we haven't lived in the UK for over 10 years but let's estimate it at £5 - around $7.

So total estimated cost of each book will be $37 shipped - around £25 (again, what your credit card company charges you in GBP will be determined by the exchange rate that day - you will be billed in USD, not GBP).

If this is something you are interested in (and to be clear you are not committing yourself or ordering anything right now) let us know via this form and we'll keep you up to date and let you know once we're ready to roll.

Name *
(Perhaps you plan on running a Bible study or home group with the books?)
If I go ahead with this, I understand I'll be billed in USD which my credit card company will convert to GBP - the rate at which will vary depending on the day.

I am also okay with Andrew Quinn - a total stranger - but one whom Alyn and AJ trust - having my address. (Note Quinn will not have access to your credit card information - just your address)

Questions? Hit us up on twitter.