Last week we had our monthly "all staff" at Grace Center. This is a time for all of our staff to meet and talk about events that are coming up. It's a great opportunity for us all to be together and get on the same page.

Having just finished our weekend with Marc Dupont and Laura Woodley Osman, we were sharing our experiences, testimonies, etc with each other. A.J. talked about a brilliant idea that Marc had shared with her. Just as she finished talking, my iPhone which was on the table in front me, let out a little 8-bit blurp - kind of like a computer generated trumpet sound. This was surprising because I always set my phone on silent when I go to meetings. What followed, however, was something that took us all by surprise. A male voice announced to the room (via my iPhone):

It is God’s plan to bring transformation to your city.

We were all shocked! I picked up my phone - not only was it on silent but I had also set my ringer on low. Even though the sound clearly emitted from my iPhone, the screen didn't illuminate and there was no notification on the lock screen. Checking notification center didn't show any missed notifications and a quick double click of my home button didn't reveal any unusual apps in use. We were shocked. Had this been anyone else's iPhone I would've assumed it was a buffering YouTube video that had just caught up or perhaps a Bible app - but it was my phone and I knew what apps I had opened and how to check for notifications. As a church we have received many prophetic words over the years, but this was one of the most dramatic (and unusual) ways of getting revelation that I've ever witnessed.

Pastor Jeff did an awesome job setting this event in context at Grace Center this morning. Once the video is up online, we'll link to it.

Update: Link to Sunday morning service is here.