I love conferences. I love speaking at them, I love running them, I love organizing them and I love going to them. There's always this buzz and expectation of what God could do and in this week that runs up to our kick off on Friday, that's exactly what I'm experiencing.

We've got a great crew coming: our dear friend and prophet David Wagner, Lyle Phillips from Iris Nashville, our very own Luke Finch and Michaela McLaird and worship leaders Bryan and Katie Torwalt from Jesus Culture. 

You've got five days left to grab a ticket at the early price (and there's really only a few of those left) otherwise you can pay at the door (but you'll forfeit getting seat reservations!). If you're in Nashville this weekend, we'd love you to stop by and experience all that we're expecting.

Update: All the early pricing tickets are gone - you can still register though and secure your seat for the weekend.