We are excited to launch our new store.

For some time now we've been wanting to improve and upgrade the buying experience for customers wanting our teaching resources. The biggest change you'll see is that we have dramatically reduced the costs of our digital downloads.

In the past we used three different internet companies to serve you our files. They all cost a considerable amount of money, which meant in order to cover our costs we had to charge far more than we wanted to. Recently we've found a way to bring our costs way down, which means we can pass those savings on to you. All the digital downloads are now $2.99, which means you can get the whole boundaries set for less than $9! When you realize that iTunes charges close to $30 for the same teaching you can see why we are excited.

Check out our resources on the father heart of God, sexual healing, boundaries, prophetic ministry and supernatural evangelism. Let us know what you think!