From the Author

As a mom of three small children, I wanted a book to read to my kids all about the love of God and the adventures that can happen when you walk with Him. With Ben’s life as an inspiration, I wrote and illustrated this book for my young ones. I hope this book is an inspiration to you and the children that read it.
— A.J. Jones

About Ben

Ben was a courageous young man who lived his life fully alive even though he had a terminal illness and knew he was going to die. Ben was an inspiration to everyone who met him because of his rich vibrant relationship with God.


About the Book

This 14 page paperback book is beautifully illustrated with rich, colorful hand-drawn pictures and tells the story of a boy on an adventure with God.

Listen to the story behind the book:




Buy the Book and Change a Life

When you purchase a copy of A Boy Named Ben a dollar from every sale goes to the Ben Farley Scholarship. This scholarship helps fund other people's transformation through the School of Supernatural Life. Ben graduated from the School of Supernatural Life in 2012 and returned as a staff member in 2013. Even though Ben is no longer with us, his life is still transforming others through this scholarship.