The key to fulness in life is to consistently say yes to Jesus. Remember, life all started when you said yes to His gracious offer of salvation. To walk into all that He has for you, it’s imperative that you keep saying yes to Him. The fullest satisfaction that I’ve experienced in life has always been preceded by a yes to God. For sure, there are times when your yes will lead you into situations where you wonder what you got yourself into, but there is something marvelous about being so out of your depth that only God can rescue you.

There is a freedom and a fullness that comes from obedience. There is an utter simplicity and glorious delight that is found on the other side of a yes. Complete rest and uncomplicated peace accompanies obedience to God. One of my favorite experiences in life is to find myself up against ridiculous and overwhelming odds, only to turn to the Father and say, “We are here because I said yes to you. Now what?”. When God’s goodness inevitably shows up, I find that I wear a grin that’s hard to fully account for.

Saying yes to whatever God is asking of you will lead to unimaginable adventure. You will most likely see things in a different way, probably meet new people, perhaps travel to different lands, you’ll certainly experience miraculous provision and you’ll come to live in a realm where you consistently feel, “I was built for this!”. 

Never be intimidated by the cost of your yes to God. Count the cost and consider it for sure, but then say yes because here’s a secret: the greater the cost of the yes, the greater the reward, and the reward always outweighs the cost. It’s like one big giant cosmic game of one-upmanship designed to ensure you always come out blessed. God dares you to say yes because He wants to bless you. You dare to say yes because you want to bless Him with your obedience. And so up and up you go with blessing following obedience as the stakes get higher. Sometimes the reward is obvious but more often the blessing dawns on us in a different season. No matter, as the law of sowing and reaping is subject to the law of increase - the longer we wait for the blessing, the larger the return! You literally can not escape the goodness of God. It’s always a win-win situation with Jesus. 

Today I live with immeasurable blessings because more than 15 years ago I started saying yes to the things God asked me to do. There were few things I’d like to have done less than the things He was asking of me (obviously, because if I had wanted to have done them, I already would have!). Several of those responses cost me greatly in both time and money. There’s nothing like watching friends receive large sums of money to fulfill what you think are your dreams, while your hopes are slowly grinding to a halt and your pride is taking a great beating. But this is the genius of God: once I realized that I chose to say yes to God and wasn’t a victim but a volunteer, I began to see some blessing in what I was doing. That didn’t mean I started to enjoy the process, but I sure looked forward to the destination. Once I gave my heart to what God had asked me to do and continued saying yes, I became empowered through the process. 

Of course looking back, it’s ridiculous to suggest there was cost involved. There was none. Only reward. What I have today is worth more than I can express. When you learn to say yes to God - even to sucky stuff - you build up a personal history of experiencing the blessing that comes from obedience. This is helpful, not only because it helps you grow in God, but the next time He asks you for something you’ve got a history to lean on and learn from. Everything in the Kingdom is free, but it will cost you everything you have to get it.

So practice responding to God with a yes; in small things and in the great. The reward is too precious to pass on. The adventure to marvelous to miss.

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