I'm very excited that my first book, Finding Father, is available for sale. I love that it's in its second printing and that it's been received so well. But Alyn and I are both techy people. We love books, but we love our iPads and iPhones too. And so it's only natural that we'd release digital versions too. Available today, you can pick up an ebook version of Finding Father for your iPhone, iPod, iPad or Kindle. We've even produced an iPad enhanced edition that's beautiful to look at and flip through on the gorgeous iPad.

About the Book

After traveling the world and sharing my story for many years, I felt the Lord ask me to write this book. It took three or four false starts, but I sat down and wrote it in a few months. I was delighted when Patricia King offered to co-publish it with Alyn and I and we're thrilled to hear the feedback from readers around the world.

If you've ever struggled to think of God has a loving father or a kind person, I can relate. I thought for many years that God was angry, full of judgment and merely tolerated people like me. But after years of walking with him, I've discovered that God is the kindnest person you will ever meet. He is full of love, full of kindness and I've taken time in this book to show you how you can experience him. This isn't a book to read about someone, it's a guide to someone.

Finding Father is a 12 week study guide that you can work through on your own, or in small groups. 

Kind Words

When I started writing the book, I sent drafts out to moms and dads in our lives and asked for their feedback. Chester and Betsy Kylstra are two of our favorite people. They've been in ministry for many years and are considered grand parents of the inner healing movement. This is what Chester said about the book:

"As one who has walked with Father 65 years, I still found through her book a new vitality and fresh intimacy with Him. You will love this practical biblical help." 
Chester Kylstra - Restoring the Foundations

James W. Goll is a gifted prophet, world renowned teacher and author of many many books. He's also a dad of four wonderful kids and a dear friend of ours. He was kind enough to read through the book and say this:

"Practical and amazing insights are contained in this inspiring training tool. This book has the potential to transform lives... Just great!" 
James W. Goll - Encounters Network

I've known Patricia King for nearly 20 years. She's been used in my life at pivotal moments and is used around the world in incredible ways. She encouraged me to write this book and after reading a first draft, she asked if she could publish it! How's that for encouraging? She wrote this about the book:

"After I read through Finding Father, I wanted all my family and staff to read it and activate the principles. If you have never received a revelation of Father's love, you will when you read this book."
Patricia King - XPmedia

You always expect your parents to be supportive and John and Carol Arnott are no exception. I think it's safe to say that if I hadn't met them and if they hadn't introduced me to the Father, I wouldn't be here today. So I was thrilled when John wrote the foreword for my book. Here's what Carol had to say:

"I highly recommend that you make this book part of your daily devotional life. It will change you from the inside out and bring you into an intimate relationship with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit." 
Carol Arnott - Founding Pastor TACF

Free Samples

There's a bunch of ways to try before you buy. If you want to have a look at the contents page and the first chapter you can download a PDF sample for free. You can also get a sample for kindle, for iOS and even try the enhanced edition for your iPad.

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