We are pastors, teachers and leaders. We’ll help you connect with God, yourself and the people around you so you can live a truly amazing life. We’ve both been radically changed by the love of God. We live lives we never thought were possible and have the great privilege of watching God transform lives on a weekly basis. On this site you’ll find resources to help your walk with God, our weekly podcast to keep you entertained and articles that will point you to new areas of growth.
— Alyn & A.J.


I was born in Scotland, I lived in Canada for five years and now reside in the United States. On any given day I don't know which version of English I'm speaking, let alone writing. My grammar, spelling and punctuation will reflect that dysfunction. I welcome all feedback.

I've spent more time on airplanes than is good for any normal human being, yet still love to travel. I'm a bit of an Apple geek and love good food. I have the privilege of working with an incredible team of people at Grace Center led by Jeff & Becky Dollar. 


I'm the mother of three kids, a pastor, author and public speaker. I was born in Toronto, Canada and am a transplant to the US. I've been privileged to travel the world and tell everyone I meet about the love of God and recently wrote a book about my journey to finding Him as a loving Father. 

The story of how I met God and how His love transformed me from a broken, anorexic and suicidal person into a healthy life-loving person has been told all over the world. Together, we lead Grace Center's School of Supernatural Life.